Jaded Ink Designs

"Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes." –Van Gogh

Artist Statement

Jade Chaput

Owner and Designer

Welcome! I'm glad you've found me! My name is Jade, and I am a multi-disciplined Professional Artist from North Central Kansas. My work ranges from pyrography, macrame, murals, scrimshaw, digital and visual arts. I graduated from Cloud County Community College with an Associates of Arts degree and continue to pursue my artistic endeavors, sharing my creations with the world.

I've long admired the art work of the wire wraps seen at festivals and made by artisans across the lands. What makes mine different from the others? Starting with the wires themselves; I use recycled copper electrical wire for my larger gauges, and repurposed 1940's vintage radio wire for my wrapping gauges. A little of something old turned into something brand new.

I focus on pulling energy from the earth, using the powers of stones and crystals to give more power to the human existence. Every stone used is hand picked and cleansed in the sun's rays to bring out it's inner power. I wrap most of my designs with copper because of the known healing properties and connection with natural energy, however I do special orders in sterling silver and gold.

Each wrap is intricately detailed, and every stone is securely set in a unique one of a kind finished look. I aim to present you with the highest quality of handmade jewelry I can provide.

*No two pieces will ever be alike due to the nature of the stones.